Best Car Scanner Diagnostic for All Cars 2021


aving one among the simplest car scanners in your compartment is often critically helpful when your car’s check-engine light suddenly comes on but nothing seems wrong.

By tapping into the car’s computer systems, the onboard diagnostics (OBD) scanner can tell you whether the matter may be a faulty $30 gas cap or a nasty converter that costs $600 to exchange.

OBD2 scanners (known as EOBD scanners in Europe) also can allow you to peer into the deeper recesses of the vehicle’s engine, transmission, and other vital systems. Whether you are going to go to your dealer’s auto service center or a third-party fix-it shop, you ought to be armed with the maximum amount of information possible so you will not get taken advantage of.

With this data, handy car owners can often do many of the required repairs themselves. Others will not be at the mercy of repair shops looking to inflate the bill.

What are the simplest car scanners?
Overall, the simplest OBD2 scanner is that the Innova CarScan Pro 5210. It offers a comparatively big color display and delivers plenty of useful data.

The Innova provides code definitions to assist you easily identify car problems and therefore the Repair Solutions2 app helps you get verified fixes and can offer you the precise parts you would like, recall info, and more.

Ancel’s BD310 is another great car scanner. It does double duty by providing a little but efficient cabled handheld scanner for nosing around under the hood, and it also can wirelessly receive OBD data to function an auxiliary gauge inside the cabin to display key engine parameters. It’s quite affordable.

See all of our picks for the simplest car scanners below.
can diagnose thousands of automotive problems.

OBD2 scanners also referred to as EOBD scanners, work on most vehicles sold within us since 1996, Canada since 1998, the ECU Union since 2004, and Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand since 2006. (Here’s a page that helps you discover the situation of your car’s OBD2 port for North American cars, and one for the remainder of the planet .)

But all OBD2 scanners aren’t created equal. There are two general sorts of devices:

Handheld OBD2 scanners accompany their own screen and cable to plug into the car’s OBD port.
Wireless OBD2 scanners plug into the port on the other hand connect via Bluetooth to a phone or tablet.
The good news is that whichever sort of device you select, there are several high-performance OBD2 scanners that cost but $100. An OBD2/EOBD scanner is not any longer a luxury you cannot afford, but something you would like to possess in your car.

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LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP129X Scan Tool


This LAUNCH dreams up One-Click WIFI Lifetime Free Update, Health Diagnostic Report Generate, Share and Print, 6100mAh, Battery Voltage Monitoring in Graphic. Thus, recommended maintenance Launch CRP129X obd2 scanner features five reset capabilities. Furthermore, highest maintenance cars One-click free updates via Wi-Fi, fixed bugs, and Upgrade new makeup to 2020 models. keep you can use the newest software all the time. This scan tool works on most 1996 and newer OBDII Compliant vehicles, covering Asian, European, American, and Malaysia, Indian, Iran car brands. 

In addition, 5-Year Warranty + one-to-one technical feedback and support.

  • Manufacturer: LAUNCH
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Screen Size: 5 Inches
  • Item Weight: 3.05 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 13.35 x 11.1 x 3.46 inches
  • Feedback Online
  • One-Click Update
  • Battery Voltage Monitor
  • Automatic Inspection Report
  • Advanced AutoVIN
  • Data Record & Replay
  • 2021 Newest & Upgraded Version of CRP129
  • 5 Reset Service & 4 Systems Diagnostic tool
  • Over 1000+ Vehicle Models & One-Click Lifetime free update
  • Full Obd2 Compliance & Health Report & Auto vin+battery voltage test
  • 5-Year Warranty + one-to-one technical feedback and support.


Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 TPMS Relearn Tool


This Autel invented As an upgrade version of TS501, TS408, and TS401, reset tool comes with 2 TPMS service modes. Also, car scanner diagnostic for all cars This TPMS relearns tool can read, activate, and relearn all known TPMS sensors in the market. This TPMS reset tool provides three ways to relearn sensors. Moreover, vehicle maintenance Just Autel MX-sensor can be programmed by this TPMS tire pressure reset tool. This TPMS relearn tool can wirelessly program all Autel MX-sensors, both the 315 MHz and 433 MHz, via four ways to replace 98% of OE sensors in the market. 

In addition, sensors on the market can be replaced easily by Autel MX-sensors via the program function of this TPMS reset tool. 

  • Manufacturer: Autel
  • Model: TS508
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 12.71 x 9.02 x 3.39 inches
  • Exclusive TPMS Status Screen
  • OBD2 Connector to Expand Functions
  • Key Fob Testing Function
  • Activate All Known TPMS Sensors
  • Relearn Sensors in 3 Ways
  • Program Autel MX
  • Quick Mode & Advance Mode
  • All Known TPMS 
  • Programming Autel MX
  • Exclusive TPMS Status Screen


ANCEL FX9000 All System OBD2 Scanner


This ANCEL-created FX9000 scan tool can work on 12V cars and light trucks (non-electric) manufactured after 1996 that are OBD II-compliant with 16-Pin OBD II protocols (J1850 VPM, J1850PWM, ISO9141, KWP 2000, and CAN). Likewise, car scanner diagnostic also supports English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean. Do all system diagnoses such as Engine, ABS, Transmission, SAS, SRS, ESP, TPMS, EPB, and other systems. Furthermore, recommended maintenance oil light reset, EPB reset, TPS reset, AFS reset, DPF regeneration, SAS calibration, TPMS reset, ABS bleeding, Gear learning, IMMO service, injector coding, BMS, Gearbox matching, Sunroof initialization, and Suspension calibration.

In addition, a 7-inch high configuration Android touch tablet, Let you update your diagnostic software and APK via wifi.

  • Manufacturer: ANCEL
  • Power Source: 5V DC power
  • Item Weight: 3.56 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9.69 x 5.49 x 1.34 inches
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage: FX9000 scan tool has the power to figure on 12V cars and lightweight trucks (non-electric) manufactured after 1996 that are OBD II-compliant
  • All-system Diagnostic Scanner: Do all system diagnosis like Engine, ABS, Transmission, SAS, SRS, ESP, TPMS, EPB, and other systems.
  • One-Click Update: 7-inch high configuration Android touch tablet, allow you to update your diagnostic software and APK via wifi.
  • Auto Detect Diagnosis


INNOVA 3120RS Code Scanner


This INNOVA think-up Innova’s 3120RS OBD2 code reader empowers the home mechanic with its professional-level functionality. Therefore, highest maintenance cars have best-in-class data to help you Find the Problem and Fix the Problem. The 3120RS code reader comes with RepairSolutions2. Moreover, car scanner diagnostic for all cars With the Innova 3120RS OBD2 reader you can see your vehicle’s essential information like RPM, speed, and oil temperature in real-time to help identify and correct problems. 

In addition, More than just a car check engine light reader, the 3120RS also lets you check your emissions status using the red, yellow, and green LEDs to pre-determine whether you’ll be able to pass your smog test.

  • Manufacturer: Innova Electronics Corp.
  • Model: 3120RS
  • Item Weight: 3.23 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 11.33 x 7.36 x 4.29 inches
  • RepairSolutions2 App
  • Check Engine Light: Read and clear the check engine light with one button.
  •  Diagnose the braking and safety systems of most 1996 and newer domestic, Asian, and European vehicles.
  • See essential information about your vehicle in real-time (e.g. RPM, oil temp, etc.) to assist in diagnosis.
  • OBD1 Adapter Kit: Includes OBD1 Adapters to allow you to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes from the foremost popular GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota OBD1 vehicles from 1981 to 1995
  • Oil Light Reset / Oil Level / Oil Life
  • Code Severity Levels: Quickly identify if your vehicle needs an instantaneous fix or if it can wait until you get home to repair it yourself.
  • Patented All-In-One Display and Hotkeys
  • Smog Check LED Indicators
  • Freeze Frame Data: Display all vehicle information from when a trouble code was triggered.


thinkcar Code Reader TS609 Obd2 Scanner


This thinkcar comes up with Thinkscan scan tool supports (Reset OIL, Reset TPMS, EPB,Reset ABS, Reset SAS, Elec. Throttle relearn, Injector coding, Reset BMS, Reset PDF). Thus, vehicle maintenance Thinkscan obd2 scanner supports comprehensively accesses the ECU for Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag system, reading and erasing code, live data stream, and turning off the system warning lights. Furthermore, car scanner diagnostic performing standard OBD/EOBD diagnostics as Live Data Graphing, Vehicle Information, I/M readiness, On-Board monitor test, and more. You can record or playback any data stream or diagnostic results, and print them by email for further analysis. 

In addition, 5 Years Warranty + America Tech Support.

  • Manufacturer: Thinkcar
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 9.4 x 2.1 inches
  • Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS Diagnostics, Full OBDII Functions
  • 8 Most Used Reset Service, Battery Test
  • Data Record & Report & Print, Graphing 4-1 data stream
  • Support Most Vehicles
  • 5 Years Warranty, America Tech Support


FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner


This FOXWELL forms Foxwell code reader&scan tool offers technicians and enthusiasts an easy and affordable solution to pinpoint troubles of the engine, transmission, ABS, and airbags on majors American. Also, recommended maintenance This Foxwell car scanner provides routine maintenance – Oil light reset and EPB Reset help to keep your car running smoothly. Electronic Park Brake(EPB)Reset for 42 makes. Oil Reset for 49 makes. Moreover, highest maintenance cars Foxwell obd2 scanner ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission Diagnoses+OBDII, not only performs Full OBD2 functions to read/clear faults, show live sensor data in a graph, do your smog check, Freeze Frame, On-Board monitor, O2 test, etc. 

In addition, 1-year warranty+100% money back; Any quality problems, please contact us for full hassle-free refund or replacement.

  • Manufacturer: FOXWELL
  • Model: NT614-b
  • Item Weight: 3.05 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 13.19 x 8.86 x 3.11 inches
  • Foxwell code reader&scan tool offers technicians and enthusiasts a simple and affordable solution to pinpoint troubles of the engine, transmission, ABS, and airbags on majors American. 
  • This Foxwell car scanner provides routine maintenance – Oil light reset and EPB Reset help to stay your car running smoothly.
  • obd2 scanner ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission Diagnoses+OBDII, not only performs Full OBD2 functions to read/clear faults, show live sensor data in a graph, do your smog check, Freeze Frame, On-Board monitor, O2 test, etc. 
  • scanner tool provides live sensor data in text&graph formats to look at TWO PIDs simultaneously, including crucial PIDs like Misfire, etc.
  • 1-year warranty+100% money back
  • One NT614 Main Machine
  • One Diagnostic Cable
  • One Carrying Case
  • One TF Card Reader
  • One User Manual
  • One 16G Memory Card(Inside the main machine)
  • One USB Mini Cable


AUTOPHIX BMW Diagnostic Scanner Tool


This AUTOPHIX conceive Including Engine, ABS, SAS, SRS, TPMS, Reset oil service, Reset Fuel Pump, EGS Clear Adaptions, Force PDF Regeneration, Replace PDF, Battery Health Check, Reset Electronic Parking Brake. Likewise, car scanner diagnostic for all cars Battery registration, oil light service reset, Idle speed adjustment, fuel injection rate, CO adjustment, clear adaptions, learn Valvetronic limit Positions, Exhaust Gas Recycling, Bleeding Routine, Mix-up Checks, IQA, Brake Lines. Furthermore, vehicle maintenance AUTOPHIX 7910 Enhanced OBDII scanner can read and erase the trouble codes that can cause emission problems with your vehicle, turn off the MIL (check your car engine) and I/M readiness, read data stream, vehicle identification Info (VIN, CIN, CVN).

In addition, AUTOPHIX 7910 car diagnostic tool via 2.8″ TFT 262K true color LCD screen to indicates the test results.

  • Manufacturer: AUTOPHIX
  • Model: BMW 7910 Scanner
  • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 2.5 inches
  • Code new injector numbers to exchange the previous one when fitting the new injectors or after the replacement is completed.
  • Battery Register / Battery Maintenance 
  • Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn 
  • Oil Light / Service Reset: this enables you to reset the service lamps on the instrument cluster
  • Antilock brakes (ABS) Service
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Programming
  • Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration
  • Electronic hand brake (EPB) Service


TopDiag Universal Car Code Reader & 12V



This TopDiag produces Purchasing Topdiag code reader, you will get one obd2 scanner and one 12v battery tester, this car code reader combines the full functionality of the obd2 scanner and 12v battery tester. Therefore, car scanner diagnostic TopDiag Obd2/ EOBD scanner will assist you to have a quick test on the engine system of OBD II vehicles. Moreover, recommended maintenance Universal scanner supports all OBDII protocols, works on most vehicles sold in the USA with the model year of 1996 or newer,2000 EU-Based and 2005 Asian-Based cars or newer, including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, etc.

In addition, We guaranteed two years warranty.

  • Manufacturer: TopDiag
  • Item Weight: 2.42 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 8.3 x 2.7 inches
  • 2 In 1 Design: Purchasing Topdiag code reader, you’ll get one obd2 scanner and one 12v battery tester
  • Full OBDII / EOBD Diagnostics Function
  • For Most OBDII Protocol Vehicle: Universal scanner supports all OBDII protocols
  • 3.2 inch Screen: 3.2” full-color screen provide a far better viewing experience
  • Package Including the Whole package including carrying case.


OBD2 Scanner Automotive Engine Fault Code



This EDIAG developed Diagnostic Scanner supports all 10 OBDII test modes on all OBDII compliant vehicles for a complete diagnosis. Thus, highest maintenance cars YA301 consists of three color LEDs indicators with a built-in beeper that provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification. Furthermore, car scanner diagnostic for all cars Checks Engine, O2 Sensors, Freeze Frame Data, Engine Problem, Battery Check, Performance Testing. This automotive scanner can easily determine the cause of the Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes, and resets monitors.

In addition, We provide a 100% Full Refund & Return Guarantee, and Lifetime Free Warranty.

  • Screen: 2.4 ” TFT, 160*128dpi
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Operating Temperature :0℃ -50 ℃ (32 ℉ -122 ℉ )
  • Environment Temperature:-20 ℃ -70 ℃ (-4 ℉ -158 ℉ )
  • Dimension :125mm*70mm*22mm(4.65″” *2.68 “” *0.88 “” )
  • Weight: 0.18kg
  • Manufacturer: EDIAG
  • Item Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.4 x 6.7 inches
  • Identify issues together with your car.
  • Get to understand your car better.
  • Save money
  • Professional Mechanic Auto Scanner
  • No Extra Batteries or Apps Required
  • Accurately define the matter of the vehicle.
  • Exclusive OBDII Diagnostics
  • Lifetime frees upgrade
  • One YA301 scanner
  • One user paper
  • One package

VIDENT iBT200 12V-24V Automotive



This VIDENT dreams up iBT200 are used for a lead-acid starting battery, testing the following conditions of the battery, cranking system, and charging system with VRLA, GEL, AGM, SLA type. Also, vehicle maintenance covers all battery rating Standards such as CCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, GB standards. Applied to 12V passenger vehicles and 24V heavy-duty trucks with the test range (100-2000 CCA). Quick and accurate to achieve test results in 3 seconds. Moreover, car scanner diagnostic Test the battery directly in the cat without removing the battery to get bad cells. Does not emit light, heat, or spark.

In addition, Reply within 24 hours, the refund allowed, and other policies available to make you unworried before/after the purchase.

  • Manufacturer: VIDENT
  • Item Weight: 15.6 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 8.23 x 7.17 x 2.28 inches
  • Wide Test Range: Vident iBT200 is employed for a lead-acid starting battery, testing the subsequent conditions of the battery, cranking system, and charging system with VRLA, GEL, AGM, SLA type.
  • 12V/24V Battery Analyzer: Applied to 12V passenger vehicles and 24V heavy-duty trucks with the range (100-2000 CCA).
  • Safe & Convenient: Test the battery directly within the cat without removing the battery to urge bad cells.
  • Worth to Own: Extremely easy to use with a large backlight LCD and menu-driven operation.
  • We aim at trying our greatest to supply your customers with the simplest products and services.


If you are looking for insights into how your vehicle is functioning or what is wrong under the hood, there is no better way than to connect an OBD2 scanner and skim the results. After all, it’s how your dealer or fix-it shop would find out what is wrong together with your car once you drive (or are towed) in. Why shouldn’t you’ve got equivalent information?

The best OBD scanners provide the proper mixture of size, weight, and therefore the ability to read your car’s fault codes and live data. the foremost important criteria are:

Easy setup. If it takes forever to line up the scanner, you almost certainly won’t use it to diagnose a drag early.
Faults and explanations. the simplest OBD gear not only tells you the faults your car has but can also explain the meaning so you’ll either fix it yourself or tell a mechanic.
I/M Readiness check. an honest scanner will run the main engine and emissions tests to ascertain if you’ll pass your state’s inspection.
Accuracy. A scanner is worthless if its results aren’t accurate because the sole thing worse than no information is wrong information.
Size and weight. If the scanner is heavy and hulking, the likelihood is that it’ll stay in your toolbox and not within the car to assist you on the road.
Live data. By tapping into the car’s engine speed, timing, and other parameters, the proper scanner can help hunt an intermittent problem.
Graphs. Numbers are good, but a visible representation of it’s far better, particularly if you’re comparing before and after.
Warranty. You expect your car to last a minimum of eight or 10 years, so why shouldn’t your OBD2 scanner? That said, the simplest offer a lifetime warranty that ought to outlast your ride.
There’s a gasoline tank filled with criteria wont to determine which OBD scanner is that the best one for you. the foremost important is whether or not you would like one that connects together with your phone or tablet’s screen over Bluetooth or a handheld unit with its own display and cable.

Next, believe in longevity and obtain one that has a lifetime warranty or software updates therefore the scanner will stay current with changing automotive tech.

Then, how about screen size for a handheld scanner? Get the most important, brightest, and easiest display to read that’s icon-based for straightforward changes. If you’re clumsy, check out rugged scanners with rubber bumpers to soak up the shock of being dropped.

Look for extras that are included on some models, like an electrical multimeter, the power to read a manufacturer’s proprietary codes or export documents as Acrobat PDF files. Finally, the worth for these sophisticated devices is true on par with professional-level scanners that are available for under $100. That’s barely an hour’s labor for a professional mechanic, making it a win-win purchase.

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