Best Portable Laundry Dryer 2020

Panda Portable Dryer

This really is an amazing little dryer! Fits well on a corner of the counter-top. It’s actually intended more for a counter or a shelf, hence the light weight & location of the controller knob.

But through my own experimentation I learned a neat trick. To beat the over-heat problem, alternate between hot & cold for each and every load. I have an Amazon Alexa device that I use as a timer for every one of my timer needs therefore it can be utilized for numerous timers at once & you can even verbally assign labels to each timer so that you understand when the initial half of the drying cycle (Sexy ) is done prior to switching to cool that will still dry the items but just together with the residual warmth & when you use this trick, you are able to continue to keep the drier going almost indefinitely should you ever need to keep drying A LOT of clothing!

Ignore the idiotic sticker that claims to wash filter once a week! – I’m always finding a full lint trap after every other load. So always check after every two loads. So far as the difficulty in elimination of the filter in the rear, I frankly do not see what all the fuss is about. Just let it cool for a few minutes… Normally when removing the clothing a few items at a time to fold them right there, is all the time that it should cool enough to then get rid of the filter to then clean & place it back before another load.

– The ideal dryer for an apartment, condo, or other small living space.
– Capacity 13lbs/3.5 cu. Regular 3 prongs 120V socket, plug anywhere you enjoy
– Lightweight for simple portability to carry around
– Because it is 110V, 1500W, it may take longer time to dry to dry the garments when compared to regular dryer which is 220V
– It comes out hot atmosphere, it is fine if departing in the room in winter. It is best to mount on the wall. Wall mounting kit comprises.



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